New! FreeSmartphone
with Super Plan

Are you looking for a Free Smartphone and Package that suits you?

Super Plan offers a monthly package that can be used for Calls, SMS and Internet according to your monthly needs.

12 months | 24 months

Free Smartphone
Credit Package IDR 150K/month
Package fee per month
Rp 150.000
*VAT not included
12 months | 24 months

Free Smartphone
Package Credit IDR 200K/month
Package fee per month
Rp 200.000
*VAT not included
12 months | 24 months

Free Smartphone
Credit Package IDR 300 ribu/bulan
Package fee per month
Rp 300.000
*VAT not included
12 months | 24 months

Free Smartphone
Credit Package IDR 400K/month
Package fee per month
Rp 400.000
*VAT not included


  • What is Super Plan?
    Super Plan is a postpaid package from IM3 Ooredoo that enables you to receive FREE Smartphone and Credit Package. You can get all in Super Plan package starting from Rp 150.000/month with 12 or 24 month contract.
  • What are the benefits of Super Plan?
    The benefits of Super Plan are:
    • FREE Smartphone
    • Credit Package worth the price of package
    • Package with lots of choices in subscription prices, contract period, and payment methods.
  • Is the choice of the price of the Super Plan package including or excluding tax?
    The price of the Super Plan package is not including tax
  • What is Credit Package?
    Postpaid credit is equal to the value of a monthly subscription fee that customers can use to access data, telephone and SMS services
  • What can I use the Credit Package in Super Plan for?
    Credit Package can be used for:
    • Calls, SMS,
    • Internet Add-On Package purchases, Calls, SMS

    Credit Package cannot be used for Calls, SMS overseas (IDD, FlatCall), VAS & Content purchases, Roaming, Premium Calls & SMS, and also Credit & Gift Package transfer

  • How to register for Super Plan?
    New customers, migrating customers from prepaid and postpaid customers can register for Super Plan

    • New customers: visit nearest Indosat Ooredoo stores / Indosat Ooredoo partners (Erafone, Oke Shop, Global Teleshop & Android Land) or you can visit online store E-Store
    • Postpaid customers (changing package): visit nearest Indosat Ooredoo store
    • Migrating from Prepaid: visit nearest Indosat Ooredoo store
  • What are the payment methods for Super Plan?
    There are 2 payment methods in Super Plan:
    • Credit Card installment for 100% of the contract
    • Full Payment with cash, debit card, or credit card or micro finance for 100% worth of contract
  • Can I get Smartphone outside the plan/package chosen (outside the terms of free smartphone)?
    Yes, you can get other smartphone with the price higher than the free smartphone with additional charge / cash out
  • What happens if the Credit Package finished or if there are remaining credits before billing period?
    Credit Package that remain on the end of billing period will not be accumulated to the next billing months
    If the Credit Package runs out before the billing period, customers can do top up to their Credit Prepaid
  • What is Credit Prepaid?
    Additional credit, which can be owned by the Customer by doing Credit Top-up, which can be used for Telecommunication Services provided by Indosat Ooredoo.
    Credit Prepaid will be put in a different wallet with a Credit Package wallet.
    Customers can Credit top up in their Postpaid number so that communication is not interrupted because the Credit Package has expired.
  • If I am registered to Super Plan package, can I buy additional Internet, Calls & SMS package?
    Yes, you can buy additional Internet, Calls & SMS package while subscribing to Super Plan Package.
  • After the contract ends, what choices does Super Plan customers have?
    After the contract ends, Super Plan customers could opt to:
    • Stay on the existing Super Plan package and customer will get monthly credit balance
    • Change to other Postpaid package outside Super Plan
    • Renew Super Plan package subscription with new contract
  • Can Super Plan customers use the LIMIT feature?
    Automatically usage of customers will be limited to the value of the Credit Package.

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