Wary of any fraud sites on behalf of PT. Indosat Tbk.

Wary of any fraud sites on behalf of PT. Indosat Tbk.

Wary Indosat Ooredoo subscribers are expected to be cautious and wary of any fraud or scam attempts on behalf of PT. Indosat Tbk.

The number of crimes is recently increasing, one of which is scam through cyberspace such as:

  • Point and Lottery Scams
    This type of fraud uses free website (Blogspot, Wordpress, etc.) or paid website (.com, .net, etc.)
  • Lottery SMS Scams
    Be wary of SMS that tells you've won a lottery. You will be asked to give your private information like bank account number, ID number, etc.

PT Indosat Tbk. never holds a lottery through free or paid websites outside Indosat Ooredoo official website www.indosatooredoo.com or broadcasting lottery draw on private TV stations, or sending lottery SMS to Indosat Ooredoo customers in any form.

All activities and announcement from PT Indosat Tbk. will be published on the official website www.indosatooredoo.com and communication with customers who win a lottery or competition will be done via official line, not a private line.

PT Indosat, Tbk never require customers to provide customer's confidential data including but not limited to usernames, passwords, PIN either by phone, SMS or e-mail for any reason.

Customers is responsible to keep the confidentiality of electronic information that is required for subscribe non-telecommunications services, including but not limited to banking, social media, entertainment and transportation provided by third parties and hereby release and discharge PT Indosat, Tbk from any direct or indirect loss arisen from misuse of customer’s electonics information performed by the other party.

Indosat Ooredoo urges you, if you find or face that indicated fraud case, to immediately do the following:

  • Do not immediately believe it and be wary.
  • Check the truth of the news you receive via Customer Service Indosat Ooredoo
  • You can report here*123*262#
  • You can also share your experience with the fraud through THIS FORUM (iCity)..

Below is the list of scam websites on behalf of PT Indosat Tbk
(mostly use "poin", "reward", and "undian")