Connected with Voice over LTE, now you can multitask calling & browse to facilitate your everyday needs.

Why use VoLTE?

The many benefits you can enjoy whilst connected with VoLTE

Browse + Call Simultaneously Smooth browsing whilst calling, crystal clear.
Fast Connection Calls will connect 3x faster than usual service.
Clearer Voice Quality HD voice quality during calls.
No Impromptu Rates Free of extra charge, connect immediately to VoLTE.
Connect Without Registration Card can connect automatically to VoLTE network.

Activate VoLTE now

Ensure SIM card is 4G

Device supports 4G technology

In range of VoLTE IM3 Ooredoo




  • What is VoLTE?
    VoLTE is known as voice over LTE. New technology from Indosat Ooredoo which allows customer to enjoy high quality voice calls with almost no background noise.
  • What are the benefits of VoLTE?

    The benefits of VoLTE are:

    • Crystal clear voice quality
    • 3x faster call up set-up time
    • Simultaneous LTE voice and data usage (always stay online and get uninterrupted data even during your voice calls)
  • Who can enjoy VoLTE?

    Indosat Ooredoo VoLTE is available to all pre-paid and post-paid customer who met the requirement below:

    • 4G Sim Card
    • Covered by Indosat Ooredoo VoLTE 
    • Using devices on the list above)
  • How much does it cost to use VoLTE ?

    There will be no additional charge for using VoLTE. You will still have to pay the same voice tariff package fees (retail tariff / voice package)

  • Will VoLTE consume my current mobile Internet quota?
    No. VoLTE service does not consume your existing mobile internet quota
  • What should I do to activate VoLTE?
    The activation of VoLTE will be done automatically as long as you met the requirements (4G simcard, covered by IO VoLTE, and use selected device – see Q3 for detail) However, if you’re unsure please don’t hesitate to contact Indosat Customer Service
    • For Samsung: Setting -> Connections -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode
    Note: Other brand such as Apple will be updated gradually
  • Can I enjoy VoLTE outside of Indonesia (roaming)?
    Unfortunately, no. You will not be able to enjoy VoLTE when you are travelling outside Indonesia

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