Why Business Players Should Prepare for Industry 4.0: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Revolution towards Industry 4.0 is getting closer. Whether your business is located in Indonesia or abroad, you must prepare your business to adapt to the emerging changes.

Countries like Singapore, Australia and Indonesia have started to realize this need. For example, Singapore is working together with Germany to release Smart Industry Readiness Index to guide businesses through the changes. Meanwhile, to capture future markets for robotics and automation, Australia has created the Robotics Roadmap.

Specifically, in Indonesia, president Joko Widodo has officiated Making Indonesia 4.0, a roadmap consisting a series of concepts and guidelines for industries, to ensure that Industry 4.0 creates a positive impact for the country.

So, what is Industry 4.0 and why businesses must anticipate it?

The Industrial Revolution is an increasing trend towards automation and data exchange. This trendincludes the use of cyber systems, Internet of Things, cloud, and artificial intelligence in theproduction process of various industries.

Historically, the world has previously experienced three industrial revolutions. And now, the fourth revolution, the Industry 4.0, is happening. In Industry 4.0 industries are experiencing a revolution,moving towards smart factories.

Below are the stages of industrial revolutions according to A.T. Kearny, an international economic research institution:

  1. Industry 1.0;

    happened during late 18 th century. Beginning with the invention of mechanized cotton spinning in 1784, the industries at that time was introduced to mechanized production processes and transitioned from machines powered by human and animal to machines powered by water and steam.

  2. Industry 2.0;

    in the beginning of the 20 th century, industries started to implement mass production through division of labor. One of the first production lines that used this concept was an animal slaughter house in Cincinnati, US, in 1870.

  3. Industry 3.0;

    early 1970s marked the increase of electronic devices and information technology to enable automation in production. This revolution started with the invention of the first Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) – the 084-969 modem. The device moved to replace human in controlling various production machines.

  4. Industry 4.0;

    this is the revolution that is currently happening, marked by the use of cyber-physical systems in production process. More and more industries are beginning to adopt the concept of virtual connection between human, machine, and the internet to run their processes.

What can companies do?

Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC), an international market research institution, predicted that by the year of 2020, European industries will invest up to 140 billion Euros per year for industry-related internet applications. Then in the next five years, more than 80 percent of companies will digitize their supply chain.

In Industry 4.0, companies must adopt key solutions that they will need later on, so they can ensure the continuation of their business operations and keep up with the competition. Internet- based applications in companies, sensors or IoT in production and distribution processes, as well as Disaster Recovery Center as an option to secure your data are some of the more useful applications in preparing your business.

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