Understanding Point of Presence and the Effect on Businesses

Point of Presence (PoP) is a telecommunication term to describe internet service and connectivity provider’s point of presence. PoP services include server, router, network switch, multiplexers, and other network devices.

With multiple options of direct connection to PoP, Internet connection can be directly obtained without having to spend an extra time to go through several different transit points. Look at it this way. An airplane flying to Saudi Arabia will get there faster if it is a direct flight, compared with the extra time that it will take if the plane must transit in Sri Lanka before reaching Saudi Arabia.

By direct connection to the intended PoP, you can increase the quality and speed of your Internet connection, which will ultimately support the flow of communication for your business.

Basically, through a direct connection to the intended PoP, companies will protect themselves from Internet connection failure due to high connection traffic.

The features offered by PoP include latency, quality of local server access, and connection guarantee, as described below:

  1. Low latency

    Latency is the time it takes to deliver a packet of data from the sender to the recipient. The higher the latency, the higher the chance of access failure, or in other words, the higher the chance of lost or delayed Internet connection. For example, the effect of high latency can be felt when you are having a conversation through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and there’s a few seconds delay before you can hear the other person’s reply.

  2. Quality of Local Server Access

    With PoP, your customer will experience improved Internet access quality, especially when the accessed server is located nearby. Moreover, the data within that server can be accessed with higher bandwidth, enabling better quality of video streaming and other activities that require big bandwidth. PoP will also ensure the quality of access, because it is able to meet safety standards in accordance with government regulations.

  3. Connection Guarantee

    PoP plays a role in maintaining the quality of Internet access, because it can easily identify and locate the source of trouble when Internet connection is disrupted. This ensure quick problem solving and prevention measures can be taken to anticipate future problems. To improve the quality of Internet connectivity for businesses, Indosat Ooredoo provides direct connection to several international PoPs, with strategic locations and higher capacity. This means that Indosat Ooredoo is able to provide Internet connection that is more stable, faster, and can better suit the needs of their business customers. Indosat Ooredoo’s direct connection to international PoP in several locations is able to minimize latency down to 290 miliseconds.