Apa itu IoT Cnnect

Pentingnya mengelola konektivitas perangkat IoT sangatlah diperlukan untuk layanan bisnis yang selalu terkoneksi. Namun dengan ribuan perangkat yang terhubung, terlalu rumit dan mahal untuk memantau dan mengelola konektivitas secara manual.

Indosat Ooredoo IoT Connect memberikan control manager berbasis cloud yang memungkinkan perusahaan dapat melacak, mengontrol semua perangkat (alat pelacak & produk online) yang terkoneksi, dan mengukur konsumsi bandwidth data.

Manfaat IoT Cnnect

Fitur IoT Cnnect

  • Lifecycle Automation

    Powerful automation engine allowing management of devices by exception, reducing headcount & costs required for ongoing operational support.

  • Analytics & Diagnostics

    IoT Connect Analytics give you fast, efficient ways to make sense of device network usage (such as data, SMS, voice, etc) with aggregated real-time views on connectivity and service usage across all your devices.

  • Comprehensive Security

    Multi-layered security controls to safeguard customer data, your devices and IT systems.

  • Cost Management

    Near real-time cost monitoring, reporting, and controls lower TCO and eliminate unexpected spend.

  • Backend Integration

    Large API library to manage devices, change rate plans, and much more. Our APIs automate critical business processes and leverage our partnerships with technology platforms

Penerapan Iot untuk Bisnis